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What is it?

Patch Prostaplast – effective means of prostatitis and enhance potency
Prostaplast is a urological patch from prostatitis developed on the basis of extracts of seven medicinal herbs. These plants for centuries been used in Chinese medicine for pain relief and treatment of the urogenital system, enhance male potency. Due to the action of natural ingredients, the patch Prostaplast has become an effective tool in the fight against prostatitis, adenoma, erectile dysfunction.
To apply the patch is recommended for the following purposes:
for treatment of prostatitis and its consequences;
to eliminate the pain, swelling, spasms and inflammation of the genitourinary system;
for normalization in prostate metabolism and blood circulation;
as antiseptic and antimicrobial remedies;
to stimulate and strengthen the potency.
Prostaplast successfully passed all required testing, eliminate adverse effects, and have earned the appreciation of urology.


In the manufacture of plaster Prostaplast the following elements: The extract of camphor Borean – has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, helps normalize blood circulation. Cinnamon – serves to stimulate blood circulation that is necessary to restore and enhance potency. Also has anti-bacterial effect and stops development of inflammatory processes. Hood of Girshovich vaginal prevents cramps, has soothing properties, is used to rassasyvanie of blood clots, healing from hemorrhoids. The Corydalis extract – relieves pain and tones. Safflower extract – normalizes the functioning of the kidneys and prostate. Extract gem two – normalize the diuresis, it is used to cure from kidney stones, helps to restore potency. Plantain – antiseptic properties, normalizes blood circulation, urinary system and prostate. Exactly calculated proportions of each of these ingredients in the complex have a beneficial, healing effect on the genitourinary system.

Instructions for use

First, you need to carefully clean the navel area. Then for 2-3 days glued to this site one patch from the pouch Prostaplast. Then remove the patch, rinse the area around the navel and give to relax the skin during the day. Then apply another patch and repeat the process 6-8 times. The removal of pain in the scrotum and during urination is observed after 14 days of regular use of the patch. Gradually stop inflammatory processes and manifestations of prostatitis. After 4 weeks treatment the symptoms of prostatitis disappear almost completely, normal erectile function. After 6 weeks of treatment are complications various problems of the genitourinary system – renal failure, prostate adenoma, nephritis. Experts noted the high efficiency and flexibility of action of the patch Prostaplast from prostatitis, no side effects on other organs. To fully consolidate the results of treatment are recommended to undergo 2 to 3 courses of patch application, depending on the complications and stage of disease development.


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