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What is it?

Hypno Lash is a unique, expected development of the best Western specialists who work in the field of trichology. The tool has already conquered women around the world. From now on, the exciting novelty is also available to Russians. It is important to take into account that the gel passed all the most important and required tests. They confirmed the effectiveness and absolute safety of the drug.
Serum only for the course can affect the volume, density, as well as the saturation and intensity of growth several times. So there is no need to stick on eyelashes anymore, and also perform tattooing. To become the owner of infinitely long eyelashes, you only need to apply the product exactly according to the instructions. The composition contains only important and valuable ingredients, vitamins that increase the activity of cells, triggering important natural processes, hairs are strengthened along the entire length, completely restored. Ingredients have regenerating properties, so the eyelashes will be restored already through the course. Important advantages of the drug include the following:
It is distinguished by certificates confirming the high quality of the product
This drug is hypoallergenic, because as a part of the complete absence of artificial additives, synthetics
In the course of development, individual features of the skin and hair were taken into account. Due to this gel is suitable for every woman
Not only improves the appearance of eyebrows and eyelashes, it has a complex therapeutic effect, so the effect will be prolonged
You can count on an excellent operational result. The first changes will appear in a couple of days
The product is convenient to use, does not heavier cilia, does not bring any discomfort
Economical product, which lasts for 3 months


It is necessary to remove the decorative cosmetics, and also to clean the face with water, to dry with a towel. Apply mascara in several layers, wait for it to dry. Repeat manipulations every day.

Instructions for use

Coniferous plants (biocomplex). They help to awaken recovery, regeneration, bulbs are strengthened, you can return a natural shade. Acids are humic. They help to nourish the length, block the loss. Castor oil. It gives strength to the hairs, filling it with energy. The hairs become black, curved, the look attracts. Gel VOM. Quickly absorbed, eliminates flaking, redness, keratinized particles. A unique product will help you look irresistible.


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